GLIMPSE™ Privacy Statement

GLIMPSE™ is a social activism platform allowing nonprofits to increase their donation frequency, customer base, and use of spatially targeted advertising. This is accomplished through our 3D Globefeed™ which includes real-time interactions between users, non-profits, and donors. GLIMPSE™, A New Perspective is one of the Services covered by the GLIMPSE™ Privacy Policy, which describes how we treat your information when you use our products and services, including GLIMPSE™. The following describes practices that are specific to GLIMPSE™.

GLIMPSE™ is designed to help charities raise funds through our 3D Globefeed™ as well as to help donors gain access to international charities.

When charities upload a video, their video is public by default. This includes the metadata provided with the video, such as when and where the video was uploaded. Users are able to comment, like, donate, and take action on videos charities upload, and their videos and petitions will be uploaded on to the Globefeed™ space dedicated to users. This information is initially public, but can be toggled on and off, as well as restricted to only your friends. When you upload videos and petitions these videos are immediately posted to your Globefeed™, to show where you have uploaded videos. We encourage you to travel the world and help change the world in order to populate your globe. Videos to charities will remain on the public Globefeed™ for a total of 24 hours, but also perpetually accessible from their Charity Profile Page.

You must create an account to utilize our GLIMPSE™ Platform for video uploads, charitable donations through the GLIMPSE™ Platform, or other additional and basic services.

If you choose to create or update an account, you may provide some personal information, such as your profile information, phone number and email address. Your profile information on GLIMPSE™ is publicly available and includes your name, username, GLIMPSE™ username, biography information, profile picture, the people you follow and who follows you, the number of likes you have received, issues you have expressed as concerning, interests you have expressed, and information regarding charities you support. When you sign up through GLIMPSE™, we provide interest categories for you to view content through in order to channel your preferences.


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