What is Glimpse?

Here at Glimpse, we believe in connecting people immediately. We believe in sharing experiences around the world for the purposes you believe in; whether it's giving a glimpse of the Chinese New Year, your son or daughter’s first birthday, or just a time out with friends. We bring you these capabilities with live video streaming in three Globular shaped newsfeeds: The Perspective, The Personal, and The Passion. When accessing The Perspective you connect to friends and acquaintances and can see live-video of their perspective when you want and where you want. When accessing The Personal we believe a person should be able to have a sense of nostalgia every time they look back at their past accomplishments. Lastly, by accessing The Passion you enter a globe of user-controlled options for shopping, browsing, or simply entertainment. With these three areas of engagement Glimpse develops its creed. Take a glimpse, and see the world.


For more questions, email Emeka Ukaga! He'll gladly answer any of your questions!