Why Use Glimpse?

Have you ever wondered what happens around the city, state, country, or world; wanted to learn about what other people do throughout their day; or simply wanted to tune into an event live? Glimpse provides this opportunity to all of our users. We dedicate ourselves to presenting content that creates amazing experiences. Here at Glimpse we live by the motto “Take a Glimpse and see the World”. We believe in this both literally, and metaphorically. In developing our motto, we came up with an innovative way to present social media to our users. We wanted it to revolve around our motto, so we made our newsfeed globular, and globally oriented. Now instead of receiving unsorted information, it is location based as well as topic based. We live to see an innovated world, a connected world, and a world where people can become friends across the sea. We are also dedicated to bringing all of our content in an entertaining way, including our advertisements. We believe that the problem with many content providers is that they don’t give the user complete control over their ads. We believe that ads can be a part of the entertainment process, but the user must have total control. So we let you choose the advertisements you’d like to see, by giving you an entirely new social newsfeed. The Commercial Globe is completely ads, and completely in your control for access. The users on our Commercial Globe purchase space to share their advertisements, and are heavily scrutinized by our monitors to make sure that their content is not hindering your experience on the Perspective Globe. We believe the way you share your perspective, and the way you view others, should not be hindered by commercialization. We want you to be you on our app.


For more questions, email Emeka Ukaga! He'll gladly answer any of your questions!